Hi there! I'm Isabella Vonglakhone, but most people call me Issa(iz-uh). I was born and raised in Fortuna, California. I love to meet new people and create genuine relationships. My favorite way of connecting with others is through my passion of photography!

I began photography when I was in the 7th grade and fell in love with it. Now, I am a senior at Fortuna Union High school and a small business owner. In the five years I've been photographing, I've grown a passion and love for the art of taking pictures and connecting with amazing people. Recently in this past year, I have begun to make a business out of my passion at Issa V Photography. I've been very blessed with many opportunities to share my talent and hard work.

I've photographed many things which include: senior/8th grade portraits, couples, families, and events. I love to photograph almost anything and enjoy helping people preserve their beautiful memories, and capturing their genuine selves!

I can't wait to share my photographic journey with you! Maybe you can be apart of it! 




Fortuna, CA 95540


+1 (707) 672 - 3994