Getting Ready for Your Session 101

Yay! Your photoshoot is right around the corner! You've already found your gorgeous location, your beautiful outfits, and your perfect photographer. Now, what else can you do to prepare?

Here's just a few tips and tricks that will help make sure everything goes smoothly for your grand photoshoot.:

  1. Drink Water!

    Drink plenty of water the week, day, and night before. Drinking water will help give your skin that beautiful glowy look and prevent breakouts.

  2. Practice Hair & Makeup

    Just like any occasion or event, make sure you know the hair or makeup look will work for you before the session. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, make sure to practice it at least once. Avoid heavy or thick eyeliner, this can make your eyes look smaller and squinty.

  3. Prep Your Clothes

    The night before your session, hang up your outfits and look for wrinkles, hairs, and stains. If needed, iron, lint roll, or wash your clothes. Wrinkles, hairs, and stains will come out in camera, so by looking over your outfits, you can prevent this issue.

  4. Shave!

    If you are deciding to wear a dress, shorts, or an outfit that shows your legs, make sure to shave your legs the night before the session, and not 30 minutes before. Shaving your legs the night before will make sure your skin won't be red for your session.

  5. Sleep

    Get lots of sleep the night before and even the days before. This will help remove bags under the eyes, and give you extra energy to have a blast at your photoshoot.

  6. Schedule Your Time

    Make yourself ready at least 30 minutes before your session. This will help you relax and be in the best mood for your pictures. Start your hair and makeup early to make room for any mistakes.

  7. Research

    Even though I will direct you every step of the way and make sure you look as beautiful as you are, it doesn't hurt to do some research. Watch YouTube video on posing tips and getting ready tips. Practice your smile and posing in the mirror. Know your good angles.

  8. Be You

    This is the most important tip of all. Be yourself. When you are yourself, you have the most fun. Having fun in your shoot is key to loving your images and making your experience so much better.

I cannot wait to create gorgeous artwork with you and have a blast at your session. Let's make this the best portrait experience you'll ever have.

Much love,

Issa V.